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Thermodynamic Solar works 365 days a year! 55 degrees hot water guaranteed! Thermodynamic solar technology is the most recent breakthrough of solar panel technology which have the ability to work both day and night. Thermodynamic solar panels are able to draw solar heat from the atmosphere when sunshine is not available. The ability to work at night as well as the day is where thermodynamic technology now supersedes its sunshine loving cousins.

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Thermodynamics - more information

How Thermodynamic Solar Panels work

Basically, it is a process of heating water by using refrigeration gas that flows through solar panels collecting heat from the ambient air temperature, rain, sunshine and wind! The system looks like your typical solar thermal system only the Thermodynamic system works in a totally different principal. The panel on the roof is connected to the hot water cylinder in the hot press. This panel captures the heat from the surrounding air day and night, from the wind, rain or sunshine. This heat is transferred to the refrigeration gas which is inside the pipes in the panel. It then flows to the heat exchanger which is fitted on the hot water cylinder. This heat exchanger has a mini compressor which heats the refrigeration gas to 110 degrees Celsius which then flows through the heat exchanger into the hot water tank and heats the domestic hot water to 55 degrees Celsius. The mini compressor used has a motor which uses only 390 watts of power to run it.


There are so many advantages from using a Thermodynamic solar system, below are some of the main advantages:

✓  Can be retrofit to your existing cylinder
✓  Installed in just one day
✓  Light weight panel only 8 kg so no load on your roof
✓  No risk of freezing pipes
✓  No risk of overheating of the system
✓  Guaranteed hot water 365 days of year
✓  Oil or gas backup not needed
✓  Panel can be installed facing north, east, west and south 
✓  Less than €180 per year to run
✓  Pay back on your capital investment in 6 years
✓  No maintenance needed

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Running Costs

Ever wondered how much you would save by installing a Thermodynamic Solar Panel System? Want lots of the hot water all year round, 24 hrs a day, without thinking about it or worrying about the expense?

Wonder and worry no more, below is a comparison of the running cost of a Thermodynamic Solar Panel System compared with using oil, gas and electric shower to heat your water. Comparisons are made of the running costs to generate hot water for a family of four people consuming 200 litres of hot water per day.

 Running cost using Thermodynamics

Power Consumption Power Output Cost Per Hr € Average Daily Hrs Average Daily Cost Average Annual Cost
500 watts 2000 watts €0.09 7 €0.59 €217
 Running cost using oil, gas and electric shower
  Hours Daily Cost Daily Cost Total
Oil/Gas Boiler 1 €1.50 €360.00 (8 months)
3kw Immersion 4 €2.04 €244.80 (4 months)
9kw Shower 1 €1.53 €588.45 (12 months)
Total Cost     €1,163.25 Annual
Note: Oil/Gas boiler consumption can vary depending on size of boiler and efficiency level, so we take an average of both based on SEAI fuel consumption chart. Based on average current electricity price of €0.17/kwh.
System Total (annual)
Oil/Gas/Shower Running Cost €1,163.25
Thermodynamic  Solar Running Cost €217.00
Savings per annum €946.25
Typical cost of Thermodynamic Solar System €4,500.00

RESULT: Payback time for your new Thermodynamic Solar Panel System is 4-5 yrs. After this time, you not only will be saving €946.25 per annum, but you will also have hot water 365 days of the year, 24 hrs a day for a fraction of the price.

Case Studies of solar panel running costs

Example of Thermodynamic Running Costs broken down:

-          390 watt motor / 1000 = 0.39 kwh

-          €0.14 = unit of electricity

-          0.39 kwh x €0.14 = €0.056 + 13.5% vat = € 0.0619 per hour

-          €0.0619 x 8 hours = €0.49 per day

-          €0.49 x 365 = €180.74 per year


Will this system work in rainy overcast days?

Yes, the Thermodynamic Solar system will work in any weather conditions even down to -5 degrees outside

How does thermodynamic solar work?

Thermodynamic solar is a principal of using refrigerant gas to extract heat from the atmosphere and convert it via a heat exchange process to the water used for bathing, washing…etc.

Is this system guaranteed?

The panel and cylinder carry a 5 year guarantee and the thermodynamic block carry a 2 year guarantee, we also offer a 2 year guarantee on labour

 Does this system require backup?

No backup needed with this system 

Does this system have legionella control?

Yes, it has an electric element which can boost the water to 60 degrees C which prevents legionella if needed

Do I need to replace my existing cylinder?

No, if you have a good quality insulated cylinder we can retrofit into this cylinder

 Do the panels have to be fitted south facing?

No, the panels can be fitted at any orientation but preferably south facing is best

Do I need any special power supply?

No, just a normal socket will do

 What is the difference between this system and conventional solar tubes and solar panels?

Solar tubes and solar panels only work with sunshine to produce hot water to 55 degrees, this system will produce 55 degrees hot water in any weather conditions

Is there any risks of freezing pipes ?

No, this system using a refrigerant gas in the pipes which will never freeze or over heat

How does this system guarantee hot water 365 days of year?

By combining the solar gain outside and the mini heat pump compressor raising the temperature of the refrigerant to 110 degrees C , this insures the water in the cylinder will always be heated to 55 degrees C

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