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Typically one third of a households oil consumption is used on heating the hot water cylinder. By installing a solar thermal system, you could heat up to 70-80% of your hot water annually from solar, reducing your oil bill considerably. There is a payback time of between 8 to 10 years for a solar thermal system after which you are producing free hot water.

Cremur have over 10 years experience in the solar themal industry and we are experts in the solar thermal systems. We have installed in both the commercial and domestic areas, from one off hot water systems to group schemes to heating and swimming pool applications. We carry an extensive range of solar panels from evacuated tubes to flat plate panels to integrated panels as well as 316 grade pre-insulated stainless steel hot water cylinders. All our solar thermal systems incorporate the latest cutting edge technology and come from Europes leading manufacturers. 

We provide a full system design, install and commissioning service and all of our solar themal products are of the highest specifications in terms of their energy efficiency. At Cremur we also provide full servicing and maintenance of installed systems giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your solar thermal system will supply you with free hot water for many years to come.


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