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Engineered Wood

Despite the fact that it is the most common type of flooring used today, few are familiar with the term engineered wood flooring or what precisely it is. Engineered wood flooring is basically a wooden plank consisting of real timber that has been carefully pressed into two or more layers. The layers are purposefully installed to run in entirely different directions, creating a more stable base than plain solid wood. Once the floor has been put in, only the top of these layers can be seen. Unlike many of the alternative wood flooring options available on the market, engineered wood flooring is actually entirely made of real wood. This means it is not only more solid and stable, but it also looks more authentic and is likely to be more durable and long lasting, making it well worth investing in the long run. This level of endurance is a rarity in other wood floors and is the main reason that engineered wood flooring remains the number one choice globally.

Engineered wood flooring can seem pricey at first glance, especially when compared with other flooring, however you get what you pay for, and this flooring simply oozes quality. When you weigh up the benefits and consider how long it will last, it really is a no brainer. View our wide range of Engineered Flooring today.

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