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The bath tub is pretty much the centrepiece to any bathroom, even if you’re not creating a designer statement room. A bath tub isn’t something you’ll be replacing very often, so that’s why it’s so important to find one that’s right for you. By design, a freestanding bath is usually a good choice if your bathroom is generously sized. These baths usually sit in the centre of the room rather than close to or built into the wall itself. Inset baths (sometimes referred to as “built-in baths”) are the exact opposite, as these baths are fitted flush against a wall. In standard bathrooms, it might span the full width of the wall, with only the side of the bath, or sometimes the end of the bath, exposed. The straight style bath is still one of the most popular choices for bathrooms, largely owing to its simple design and versatility. These include Single ended baths have taps fitted at one end of the tube while for Double-ended baths have taps fitted in the middle of the tub. The sweeping design of a Corner bath makes an elegant yet space-saving addition to any bathroom. This bath works well to free up both wall and floor space to create the illusion of a larger space in smaller bathrooms. If your bathroom doesn’t allow for a separate bath and shower enclosure then you’re not alone. Many modern bathrooms have limited space, so there isn’t the option to have a luxurious tub and a spacious shower enclosure in the room. More advanced design examples of this are the P-shaped or L-shaped baths, which provide more adequate showering space, as you’d typically expect in a shower enclosure. Finally, a whirlpool bath is the ultimate in luxury bathing, and nothing gives the feel of a 5-star spa quite like a whirlpool bath. Spacious in design, a whirlpool bath also has a number of jets which pump air into the bath to give a relaxing massage.

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